AccuCraps Shooting Log
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AccuCraps Shooting Log

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Any dice controller will tell you, one of the most important aspects of your practice sessions is record keeping.  Tracking practice sessions not only helps in monitoring progress but also in determining a shooter's tendencies.  Results from a series of practice sessions can help a shooter develop betting strategies.
At AccuCraps, we have developed a shooting log that is easy to use and provides a shooter invaluable information.  All our log's information is broken down into well organized sections.  A must have for any shooter!
Check out the specs:
Over 250 pages, sprial bound
  • Set-up diagram - showing rig placement for a true casino practice session
  • Equipment guide - explaining the different peices of dice control equipment
  • Dice control tips - tips for dice control and practice
  • Complete log instructions
  • Log pages - 50 sessions, 200 shots each, including totals
  • Totals page - page to track total results of all 50 sessions, including percentages, SRR, and Pts. to 7's
  • Line graph - visually track Pts. to 7's or SRR progress over 50 sessions
  • Craps terminology - definition for the common and uncommon craps terms