Dice Control "Tossing Window"

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  • Item #: 1013-B
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A great addition to any shooter's practice sessions! Duplicating the arc of your shot is essential in developing a controlled shot. Until now, establishing a consistent arc on your shot was nearly impossible. With the introduction of our Tossing Window, accuracy is now a reality!

Develop the most important part of craps shooting and dice control, muscle memory!

Check out our features and specs:

  • 3/4" birch base
  • Oak dowels - resist warping
  • Customizable shooting window - Ability to change the size of the window to match different table conditions and throwing locations
  • Variable heights - Set horizontal crossbars at 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" & 20"
  • Variable widths - Set vertical uprights at 10" & 14" seperations
  • Banded edges - no exposed plywood, highest quality finish & appearance (look of solid wood)
  • Felt feet - for your furniture's protection
  • Crimson stained dowels - easy to see, highest contrast
  • Custom finish - your choice of available finishes
  • 8" long x 16" wide x 23" high


Want a custom finish not shown? Another color of dowels? An exotic species of wood? A custom size?

Email us...sales@accucraps.com