Portable Craps Practice Table
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Portable Craps Practice Table

Price: $165.00
  • Item #: 1001-B
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The highest quality and best selling dice control practice table on the market!

The new and improved original!  This rig is not only high quality, it is also portable!  Great for those trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City when you want to get a little practice in before heading down and hitting the tables.  Set up and breaks down in seconds.

Check out our features and compare, no other table anywhere offers as many as our tables.


  • 3/4" birch construction - offering a solid, warp free rig for years to come
  • 11" craps pyramid rubber - a true casino backwall
  • Casino specific cloth - 90% wool & 10% nylon
  • Choice of underlayment:
    • Traditional underlayment - Offering a common, traditional casino bounce of the dice
    • Simulated Closed-cell foam - Replicating the play of a newer, "dice control inhibiting" or "bouncy" table
  • Professionally built - securely held together with concealed dowel pins
  • Banded edges - no exposed plywood, highest quality finish & appearance (look of solid wood)
  • Felt feet - for your furniture's protection
  • Custom finish - your choice of available finishes
  • Complimentary pair of casino dice - new, 19mm dice


  • 16" long x 17-1/2" wide x 12-1/2" high


Want a custom finish not shown? Another color of felt? An exotic species of wood? A custom size?
Email us...sales@accucraps.com